Afterschool Meal Program Guide

The Afterschool Meals and Snacks Program (The Meal Program) can be a vital part of any existing or future afterschool program in Oregon. The Meal Program reimburses for meals and/or snacks served to children and youths under age 19 attending qualified afterschool programming. When run well it can have a positive impact on an afterschool program’s long-term capacity, sustainability and effectiveness. 

Navigating the Guide

This guide is a resource to help you make an important decision that can have dramatic impacts on your afterschool programming and those you serve. We recommended the following steps to navigate this guide, especially for first time users.

1. Start By Reading

About Afterschool Meals

This section provides essential information and background about the Meal Program.

2. Then Take Your Assessments

Assessment Tools

Assesses where you are in terms of starting the Meal Program by using targeted questions, and providing evaluations with required reading materials based on your answers.

3. Refer Back or Just Learn More

Study Materials

Provides access to all the required reading materials and resources in the assessment tools section for future reference.


Provides supplemental and/or more detailed information about the Meal Program

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