Breakfast Teen Essay Winners!

CONGRATULATIONS to Miranda, 2016 Let’s Do Breakfast, Oregon! Teen Essay Competition Winner

Thank you to all of the teens who submitted essays to our November Breakfast School Challenge Teen Essay competition! Your contribution helped us gain valuable insight into what teens think about school breakfast. Here's what our grand prize and honorable mention winners had to say about the importance of school breakfast.

Teen Essay Grand Prize Winners

Miranda Peters, Pacific Crest Middle School
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“I think that school breakfast is important because some students rely on school breakfast to get their day started. School breakfast provides food for kids that need it and that is really important because kids can’t grow and learn if they don’t have the proper nutrition.”

“I think that the Nutrition Services program is an amazing way for kids to not only get food but enjoy their food. There are so many options for students to choose from, some of the options are bagels, cereal, fruit smoothie, universal breakfast round (aka breakfast cookie), oatmeal, breakfast burritos and much more! The breakfast at school is healthy and can ensure that the student's day is starting out balanced and healthy. The school breakfast is delicious and is very convenient for whenever you need a little fuel to start your day.”

“The Nutrition Services lunch ladies are like kids' moms away from home because they feed them... a lot of the employees will make an effort to build relationships and make the students feel loved and welcome!"

Anonymous - A letter to hangry classmates 
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“You see a long time ago I had a teacher named Mrs. McKenzie. I’ll tell ya, she was the best teacher on the planet. She was kind and really smart and made her lessons fun. I would like to share one of the most memorable moments. One day the teacher had noticed we had a lot of grumpy students. People were falling asleep on their desks and an increase in fights happened. Another thing she noticed is after a couple weeks of these abnormalities, they began to look a little pudgy. So she decided to make a lesson on nutrition, she said this was all because we weren’t eating breakfast.”

“We confessed that when we tried eating breakfast every day, what happened was amazing! I even lost a few pounds and I wasn’t so hangry [hungry + angry] all the time. I made better interactions with my classmates, and my parents were happy to hear what I did. I’d like to thank my teacher who taught me the nutrients that kick start the day. They include: calcium, fiber, protein, and whole grains. If you don’t get those essential nutrients it’s bad. It’s like watering a plant; a plant can’t grow without the proper amount of water. Not only does it affect you as an individual, it causes others to hurt because if you don’t eat the proper meals you don’t feel good. Some people take their sickness out on others. I just want everyone to know that skipping breakfast isn’t good. You will gain weight and be hangry and it’s not fun…. I learned it the hard way.”

Honorable Mention:

“School breakfast is really useful for kids' bodies and their brains... Breakfast is reenergizing the body and the breakfast helps you get a kick before you start in the morning. Some days breakfast is avoided and the thing that sucks about that is that you feel lazy and you may try to get in trouble.” - Anonymous

“I eat school breakfast when I’m running late or when I want to eat with my friends. I can always rely on the school to have breakfast for me... If one of my family members came to this school, they could always know they could eat here, and that makes me happy.” - Linda Webber, Ruch Community School 

“Every morning I wake up with my three other brothers and NEVER have time for breakfast. Breakfast at school is convenient for us because we don’t have to rush and skip the MOST important meal of the day! Another way it helps my family is because my mom is a teacher here at Ruch and she has to get here early, we don’t have to wake up even earlier just so we have time for breakfast.” - Amanda Drane, Ruch Community School

Congrats again to all the teen essay writers! Stay tuned for the announcement of our November School Breakfast Challenge winners!