Child Hunger Prevention Conference

Over eighty partners from across the state gathered on February 3, 2017 at the Chehalem Cultural Center in Newberg, Oregon for the 10th Annual Child Hunger Prevention Conference.

2017 Child Hunger Prevention Conference Agenda 

Keynote Address: Dayle Hayes, MS, RD is an award-winning author and educator. Her creativity and common-sense have made her a sought-after speaker across the U.S. As a parent and member of the School Nutrition Association, Dayle has dedicated decades to making school environments healthy for students and staff. She is the President of Nutrition for the Future, Inc. and the founder of School Meals that Rock, a social media platform that works to change the image of school meals by highlighting delicious and healthy school meals across the U.S. 

Powerpoint Presentation_Keynote Address by Dayle Hayes 

Community Child Hunger Prevention: Mini-Talk Series: Thirteen speakers provided overviews of different child hunger prevention programs with an emphasis on community partnerships. Each speaker represented unique organizations that are working toward ending childhood hunger. Want to reach out to one of the presenters directly about starting a similar program or partnership in your community? View the powerpoint presentation for a full list of presenters and their contact information.

Powerpoint Presentation_Mini-Talk Series 

Afternoon Breakout Sessions: We had 9 incredible breakout session trainings on topics ranging from Grant Writing to Summer and Afterschool Meal Programs to Farm to School and School Gardens. Click here for the full list of session descriptions and here for speaker biographies. Below you will find specific resources related to each session. 

1.A Active Engagement in Anti-Hunger Dialogue (Mayra Contreras, Sergio Contreras, Faiza Jama, Fatima Zainel)

Due to inclement weather, the Youth Community Advisory Board could not make it to the conference. Stay tuned for information about a participant webinar with these amazing young leaders.

1.B What You Need to Know about Child Nutrition Legislation in 2017 (Megan Kemple and Matt Newell-Ching) 

HB2038: Vote 'Yes' for Farm to School and School Gardens 

1.C School Breakfast Panel: Boosting Participation (Cheri Meeker, Cindi Hiatt-Henry, Dayle Hales, Crista Hawkins, Steve Wytcherley)

Powerpoint Presentation

2.A Summer and Afterschool Meals 101 (Marcella Miller, Shirly Wu, Renea Wood) 

Powerpoint Presentation_Shirly Wu, Oregon Department of Education, Child Nutrition Programs
Powerpoint Presentation_Renea Wood, The YMCA of Klamath Falls 

2.B Child Hunger and Inequality: Oppression and Equity Trainings (Tashia Harris and Alison Killeen)

Powerpoint Presentation

2.C Building a Grants Program and Grant Writing Element (Meredith Howell)

Powerpoint Presentation_Meredith Howell, Rural Development Initiatives 
Grant Writing Session Coverpage
Learn by Doing: Grant Development Pyramid 
Learn by Doing: Is Your Idea Fundable 
Grants Program Strategy Matrix of Responsibility 
Project Charter Example
Project Charter Template 
Supporting Documents Checklist 

3.A Making the Most of #SocialMedia Opportunities: How to Stay Positive, Deal with Negativity and Expand Your Reach (Dayle Hayes)

Powerpoint Presentation_Dayle Hayes_Nutrition for the Future, INC. and School Meals that Rock  
Social Media Handout

3.B Farm to School and Summer and School Gardens: Connect with Students with Healthy, Local Food! (Rick Sherman and Megan Kemple)  

Powerpoint Presentation_Megan Kemple_Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network 
Powerpoint Presentation_Rick Sherman_Oregon Deparment of Education, Farm to School and School Gardens 

3.C Building Sustainable Budgets for Program and Grant Work (Meredith Howell)

Powerpoint Presentation_Meredith Howell_Rural Development Initiatives 
Water Valley Example: Basic Budget 
Water Valley Example: Basic Budget SH 
Water Valley Example: Basic Budget and In-Kind Budget 
Waterville Example: Strategic Funding Plan
Western Regional Example: Budget Split by Program 
Western Regional Example: Budget by Program Divided by Operating 
Western Regional Example: Multi-year Budget 
Western Regional Example: Staff Time Allocations 

THANK YOU to the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council for sponsoring our 2017 Conference.

Archive: 2015 Workshop Presentations 

2015 Child Nutrition Program Conference Agenda (PDF, 229 KB)

Advocacy Strategies and Child Nutrition Reauthorization_2015 PHFO CN Conference (PDF, 2.84 MB)

Bolster Your Breakfast Program_2015 PHFO CN Conference (PDF, 8.37 MB)

Community Eligibility Provision: ODE CNP_2015 PHFO CN Conference (PDF, 250 KB)

Community Eligibility Provision: CBPP_2015 PHFO CN Conference (PDF, 224 KB)

Growing Summer Meals: ODE CNP_2015 PHFO CN Conference (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Growing Summer Meals: USDA Capacity Builder_2015 PHFO CN Conference (PDF, 13 MB)