Help your clients learn about their eligibility for services

Oregon Helps launches a new and improved site

Have you ever wished there was an easy, fast and private way for families and individuals  to learn about their eligibility for services like food stamps (now known as SNAP), the Oregon Health Plan and Medicare? Oregon Helps does just that!

To date, over 300,000 people have quickly learned about their eligibility for services from a computer in the privacy of their own home, local library, a friend’s house or a non-profit agency. And this powerful online tool just got a complete update, making it even more user friendly and accurate!

Oregon Helps is a free and easy to use web-based self screening tool that asks visitors a few simple questions about their income and expenses. The site then estimates their potential eligibility for 33 federal, state and local services, including services specific to each of the 36 counties in Oregon. It then provides the visitor with information on how to apply for each of those services. It takes 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the number of people in the household.

Any information provided is completely confidential and anonymous – the program never even asks for the visitor’s name! Users can take the program in four languages: English, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese.

Find more information about Oregon Helps and download or order outreach materials.

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