Goal 3: Improve the food assistance safety net.

hands holding strawberries

Food assistance programs provide an immediate response that helps Oregonians get enough to eat.

How do food assistance programs help end hunger?

When times are tough, programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps), school meals, WIC, farm direct nutrition programs and emergency food boxes are the primary source of food for many Oregonians.

SNAP and other food assistance programs help reduce the impact of poverty, allowing Oregonians to both afford food and pay for basic expenses.

How can we strengthen our food assistance programs?

Focus on access: Many Oregonians are not accessing help, even though they are in need. We can work together to ensure they know about and can access food assistance programs.

Focus on program adequacy: SNAP benefits do not last the entire month for most people, food banks struggle to gather enough food and child nutrition programs are not available in all areas of our state. We can improve the food assistance safety net so that all Oregonians have a sufficient, nutritious diet.

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