Goal 1: Increase economic stability for people, communities, and the state.

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Economic stability means having sufficient and reliable income to pay for expenses. It is the most permanent solution to hunger and food insecurity.

How does economic stability help end hunger?

When Oregonians have enough income to meet their basic needs and save for emergencies, the need for food assistance is dramatically reduced.

When communities and our state have sufficient local and state revenue, they are able to invest in needed services like schools and infrastructure to support growth in economic activity.

How can we increase economic stability?

Focus on income: Oregonians need living-wage jobs and, at times, income supports to pay basic living expenses. Our state and local communities need sufficient revenue to fund public services and a strong rainy-day fund.

Focus on expenses: The cost of living in Oregon is higher than the national average. We can reduce this financial burden by focusing on public policies that help families afford housing, child care, and medical insurance, and still have enough money for food.

Recommended Actions

  • Help low-wage families keep more of their income by expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
  • Reduce the burden of housing expenses by increasing affordable housing
  • Invest in Employment-Related Day Care (ERDC) so that more parents can afford to work