Celebrate with us June 15th!

On June 15, celebrate Catering and Event is hosting a four-course dinner in partnership with Eastside Distilling, with 12% net income going to PHFO.


Bake to End Hunger: An Event to Remember!

Together, we raised more than $9,000 for our work to end hunger in Oregon. Because of your support, we are able to connect families with food & nutrition programs, and advocate for change to create a more equitable system for families.


Bake to End Hunger: the reason behind the event

Chefs think about food all day, every day–as they cook scrumptious treats, eat, share their concoctions. So, it’s no surprise that for many in the culinary industry, the issue of hunger in Oregon is one that is close to their hearts.


Addressing Food Insecurity on College Campuses

This Spring, Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon  partnered with Portland Community College (PCC) to create a SNAP application assistance and outreach program at PCC’s Southeast and Sylvania campuses. 



Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon works to make sure kids and families have enough food to eat, every day. 1 in 7 Oregonians struggles to put food on the table some days. 

We connect people with food and nutrition programs, and advocate for just policies to reduce the number of people in need of a helping hand. 


Joint Statement: House Farm Bill would Increase Hunger in Oregon

Organizations across Oregon are calling on U.S. Representatives to reject a Farm Bill that was passed yesterday by the U.S. House Agriculture Committee.


Announcing Bake to End Hunger 2018!

Bake to End Hunger helps Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon engage in our critical work to ensure Oregon children and families have access to food every day, all year.


Bake to End Hunger

Bake to End Hunger celebrates the best chefs and restaurants in Oregon by showcasing delicious sweet and savory treats, plus drinks, for you to sample! Come meet the talented chefs behind some of your favorite restaurants, enter to win one-of-a-kind cakes and amazing experiences in our raffle!

Harsher SNAP time limits will hurt Oregonians. Here's what you can do to resist.

Everyone is better off when people facing hard times have access to food. Unfortunately, we are hearing signals that President Trump and Congress will be proposing to cut even more people off food assistance.


Oregon's 2018 Legislative Session is Over: Victories, Missed Opportunities, and Next Steps.

Oregon's 2018 "short" legislative session came to a close on Saturday, March 3. While Oregon's economy continues to improve, the recovery has not been shared equally.



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