Goal 2: Cultivate a strong regional food system in Oregon.

girl eating strawberry

A food system represents the journey from seed to plate— from farmers to producers to distributers to retailers and consumers. A strong food system allows all Oregonians to access affordable, locally grown and produced foods.

How does a strong regional food system help end hunger?

When Oregonians know how their local food system works, they can collaborate to make it stronger by addressing gaps.

When communities link all parts of the food system together, a food web is created. These connections help identify local solutions, including ways to get food onto everyone’s plates.

How can we strengthen our regional food system?

Focus on community organizing: Community driven forums can identify strengths and gaps, opportunities for economic development, and frameworks needed for success.

Focus on removing barriers: Local and statewide policy bodies can improve food systems by removing barriers through assessments and strategic planning.

Recommended Actions