School Breakfast Bill Passes

Contact: Matt Newell-Ching

Public Affairs Director

Email, (503) 595-5501 ext. 303

A plan to reduce hunger among schoolchildren by offering 50,000 working-class kids a free breakfast at school won approval from the legislature during the 2009 Oregon legislative session.

Students from families whose income was between 133-185% of the federal poverty level -- roughly $30,000 to $40,000 a year for a family of four – had to pay 30 cents each day to eat a school breakfast. It may seem like a small amount,  but for struggling families, it added up quickly and many kids were starting their day with out the nutrition needed to pay attention in school.

A bill, previously passed in Washington state, saw great results and allowed schools to feed many more at-risk children. The State of Oregon will now cover the 30-cent co-pay so low-income children can eat breakfast for free, starting the day well-fed and ready to learn. 

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