SNAP Online Training

If you are someone who is hoping to help your community access food assistance and end hunger, you're in the right place!

Our online training will prepare you to inform others about SNAP, help members of your community use benefits and make the program more accessible and effective in your area. This training covers the history and current role of SNAP, how the program works, and how you can expand the impact of its resources in your community.

Training Module

Each module is a powerpoint with accompanying audio. While they are designed to be taken in order, you may take them one-by-one and at the speed that best suits your needs.

Module #1: The Importance of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (8 mins)

Module #2: The Basics of SNAP (20 mins)

Module #3: Using SNAP (6 mins)

Module #4: SNAP Outreach (~12 mins)


We would also love to hear your feedback on this training!

For more information about SNAP and our work around the program, check out our SNAP Outreach team's page.

Last updated: 02/2017