SNAP (food stamp) Outreach Guide


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Improving Participation

This guide is a resource for those who are interested in improving food stamp participation in their communities. It is mainly targeted for Oregon but much is relevant to other locales. Outreach strategies can be tailored for specific community needs and resources.

Much of this information comes from a focused outreach effort to raise food stamp participation by the Oregon Hunger Task Force and community partners beginning in 2000.

Download the Guide PDF, 320 KB

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • An Oregon Success Story
  • Successful Outreach Strategies
  • Food Stamp Focus Groups
  • Responding to Common Misperceptions About Food Stamps
  • Case Study: Community Fax Model
  • Forming Outreach Committees
  • Categorical Eligibility: A primer for Food Stamp outreach
  • Funding Outreach Activities
  • Resources for Outreach