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The 2016 legislative session helps more Oregonians achieve economic stability and put food on the table.
Along with dozens of groups across the state, Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon helped win changes at the state legislature that will improve the lives of individuals, families and neighborhoods.

2016 Victories                                                     

A raise for Oregon's workers and families
Honoring the dignity of work means that full-time workers shouldn't be in poverty. An increase in the minimum wage gives low-wage earners a badly-needed raise to help meet each region's cost of living, while also giving businesses the stability of being able to plan ahead for future years.
Additional support for working families with young kids
Investing in early childhood benefits everyone in the long run. Starting in 2017, Oregon will raise the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for families with kids under three. It does this by investing $10 million to increase the federal EITC match from 8% to 11%.
Dignity for people with disabilities
Experiencing a major, life-altering disability should never push someone into homelessness. The legislature approved reinstatement of the "General Assistance" program to assist people likely to be approved for disability support with temporary income during the application process.
New investments in emergency housing
Everyone deserves a safe place to call home. The legislature approved $10 million in additional funding for the Emergency Housing Account (EHA) and the State Homelessness Assistance Program (SHAP).
Health coverage gaps addressed
No one should have to choose between food or basic health care. Residents from the Marshall Islands, Palau and Micronesia can now receive subsidized health care. The legislature also took one step closer to building a Basic Health blueprint.

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